“Next Level Picnic”

With Santa Barbara Picnic Co., Nicole Leza has turned her love of picnics and her interest in event planning and styling into a career. She launched the biz in August 2018, and today she offers private parties of 2 to 35 guests an experience unlike anything they ever thought a picnic could be. Birthdays, anniversaries, and engagement parties alike, Nicole has totally reimagined your standard field day.


“The Historic Santa Maria Inn”

The landmark Santa Maria Inn stretches and entire city block in all its architectural splendor. Constructed in 1916 and owned by retired Union Sugar feeding and house manager Frank McCoy, this historic hotel has become an attraction for everyone from average Joes to worldwide celebrities.


"American Son"

Steven D. Soria is a third-generation leather smith and creator of Make Smith Leather Co. A native of Santa Barbara, California, he's been working leather side by side with his family since he was just a kid. Today he's on his own producing high quality handcrafted goods and accessories. For Steven, art is life and life is art.



Kimberly Walker is the creative force between Granada Hotel and Bistro as well as a number of other places of fun and relaxation along the Central Coast. Read the story of how she became an inventor and a designer of amazing spaces across the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.



"Behind the Scene"

An Animator's Advice on Standing Out in the Creative Crowd


"...Another Man's Savior"

Interview with Jared Peter Kirby, founder of Salvage Audio.


"Peace In the Blue Hour"

An intimate conversation with musician Chris Lambert as we discuss his process in creating his introspective 2016 album The Blue Hour.


"Something is Stirring In the Spirit World"

Dominique Gonzales and Robin Kirk-Wolf are two female creative entrepreneurs mixing it up in the cocktail game. Dominique is the genius behind an all-natural carbonated mixer, and Robin refreshes our drinks with her small batch made bitters.


"Dinner @ Six"

Chef Ricky Odbert and I explore Six Test Kitchen in Arroyo Grande, CA. We discuss his start in the restaurant biz and how he does what he does best in his world class, home based dining establishment.


"Electric LadyLand"

Erica Hamilton is the creative director of Blackwater Boutique in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. An artist at heart, she seeks to create a shopping experience that's truly magical.


Everything's Coming Up Roses

Get to know the wonderfully warm Stephanie Hendry, owner of Ruby Rose Vintage in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. We talk about taking risks, making your passion your business, and the magic of vintage.



Breakaway Tours & Event Planning: Deliciously Fun, Educational Wine Tours

Ask Jill Tweedie why she started Breakaway Tours and Event Planning and she jokingly replies “I needed to support my habit.” But it’s her entrepreneurial spirit and deep love of wine, food and hospitality that have made her a leader in the wine tourism industry of the Central Coast and for twenty-two years the company has offered unforgettable tours to locals and visitors alike.